What is great about this generation is that more and more children and becoming curious about the observable reality they are in – some even study the unobservable ones. This is because of the Internet, which provides free access to all the knowledge available for consumption. If you are into knowledge and you are desirous of gaining more and more of it to understand the world better, I am certain that you are using your laptops, mobile phones, personal computers, and your Internet in the right and productive way.  


if you do not have any computers right now, probably because something crashed or something happened that made it dysfunctional, there are many shops and services that offer you deals such as rent to own laptop and others. This is to help people, especially students, to have the means for obtaining more knowledge and to create a world that seeks for knowledge and truth.  


We understand how important it is to learn for free, and so here, in this article, we will provide you some of the top educational websites that teach you for free. 


1.Futures Channel 

Its goal is to use new media tech to create a channel where explores, engineers, scientists, and visionaries interact and where students can learn from them.  


2.Khan Academy 

This website allows you to enroll in a course and lets you learn what you want to know. It offers in 36 different languages and all levels of ability  


3.How Cast 

This website provides access to “how-to” videos in all subjects and optics. There is also a search bar provided that allows you to search for specific content you want to know.  


4.Cosmo learning 

This website offers courses, educational materials, and documentaries, which you can access and learn from. Unlike other free websites, it discusses and talks about more complex topics ad content.  



This website allows you to enroll in a course where it teachers you a lot of things you want ot know. What s great about this website is that it has partnered with different big academic institutions such as Standford University, John Hopkins University, and Duke University. Upon course completion, you will receive an electronic Course Certificate as proof of your achievement.  


6.Big Think 

This website is comprised of more than 2,000 luminaries that range from academic, creative, and scientific fields.it provides a wide variation of videos, tutorials, articles, and more.  



This website is founded by MIT and Harvard University students in 2012. it is an online learning destination as well as MOOC provider that offers courses from the world’s top universities.  



Brightstorm was created back in 2008 ot create interaction between teachers and students. This can also be a rich source of information whenever you have difficulty in your other courses.  


Final thoughts 

Knowledge is powerand so every intellectual knows that there is always room for improving their intellect and adding more to the things they already know. If you have the means, do not waste them and use your materials and sources to obtain more and more knowledge to make a better, more informed society.